Getting Engaged

You're Engaged: What Now?

You're Engaged: What Now?

I got engaged October 9, 2009, and rather quickly, the questions started coming in. What are the colours? When's the date? Where are you having the wedding? Where are you having the wedding? Ugh. This was a big one for me. By all means, traditionally, the wedding would take place in the Brides hometown. I love my hometown. It's cute, gorgeous, unique and packed to the brim with every memory of my childhood. But it's small, there are only a? few venues to choose from (and by venues I mean a hall or outside...), and I just was not feeling it. Guilt ran through me every minute of the day. Would my parents be upset? It would be so fun to get married in my childhood home! All my family would be there! Am I going to miss out on something?

Roche de boule - a gorgeous mountain by my house.

Ladies, I have out grown the small town. I am not saying this in a way, stating "I am too good" for those small-town folks. All I am saying is, I have never really "been" there. When I was younger, I was into theater, the arts, and other very random things that my small town could not provide but a larger city could. I was destined for the city. I struggled with where to have the wedding for weeks, and I remember breaking down one day when my future mother -in-law stated that it would be fine with them if we were to have the wedding in my hometown. I was also worried about ballooning costs. Since my hometown is not really set up for fancier kinds of weddings, I would have to bring in a photographer, baker, DJ, rentals, etc. I know Vancouver is expensive, but would my hometown cost? the same and what would I have to sacrifice? What was a girl to do? Ultimately, I chose to have it in Vancouver. All my options were right here, and I thought it would be so much easier than trying to plan a long-distance wedding. I struggled with the decision for awhile, and there are still days when I question my decision, but ulitmatley I was very happy with my wedding day. Next, the date. My family and Andrew's family are heavily involved in the school system. They are either teachers, students or work in the school in some way. So having a wedding in September and October was out of the question. This made me pretty sad. I had always dreamed of having a fall wedding, plus both Andrew's and my parents got married in October some 30 years ago, as well. It just simply did not work. We decided quickly on a July wedding, a date that worked for Andrew's family coming in from SanFransico. The date was set, the location was set, what's next?!! Oh, only a million things. Did you compromise on your date or location for your wedding??Did you have your wedding in your hometown?
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