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Writing Your Own Vows

Writing Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows can be a difficult challenge for some couples. Thinking such wonderful things about your significant other and actually putting them into a coherent sentence can be complicated. Before you start to write your vows here are a few things to consider: *Make sure to check with your officiant if you are allowed to write your own vows. Wedding ceremonies held in an Episcopal or Catholic Church, may require you to recite parts of the traditional vows *Make sure to discuss with your partner if you are both comfortable writing your own vows. Some couples like to write their vows together. *Set an outline for your vows with a beginning, middle, and end to keep your vows on track. *Your vows don't necessarily have to be "lovey dovey" it's OK to add some humor *Keep it short, vows should be under a minute long Most importantly when writing your own vows, you should make promises that will make an impact on your relationship and that you both feel very strongly about. ~Jessie Photo Credits:
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