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Why Wedding Apps Are The New Disposable Camera At Your Wedding

Why Wedding Apps Are The New Disposable Camera At Your Wedding

Memories of using the school-bus yellow, disposable cameras are becoming foggy as Smartphone cameras have become the go-to tool for taking pictures. ??With the superb quality of Smartphone cameras, the effortless one-click accessibility, the multiple filter options, and the popular social media photo-sharing trend, devices like the iPhone and Android make the perfect wedding date. Today, mobile phones have become personal sidekicks that tag along your journey of life and document the entire ride.??People whip out their cell phones everyday, anywhere to take a picture? including formal milestones like weddings.??Back in the day, couples relied on professional photographers to capture all of the magical moments from their special day.??However, with the high use of mobile phone cameras, countless moments from your wedding are captured on the little devices tucked inside your guests? pockets or purses. Wedding photography has spread from the professional to your beloved guests.??Make sure to recognize the transformation in wedding photography and your guest photo taking behavior by using a?wedding photo app?to help capture and preserve your entire wedding day. Unlike professional photography, wedding photography allow your?guests to capture fun, informal, and creative memories and many of those moments get scattered or lost on Instagram and?Facebook.??Unfortunately, these photos don?t have a collective home and you may never see all the extraordinary moments. So rather than embarking on everlasting photo hunts around the web, or waiting months for your professional snap shots, think about using an app that can avoid these hassles. There are lots of apps out there with the capability to make sure you are still connected by watching your wedding in real time through your guests? continuous, automatic uploads; even if they?couldn't?make it to the Wedding. The bottom line is with everyone using?their?mobile phones to take photos and record?videos?of your special day, you should take advantage and collect them all in one place, and consider opting for a wedding photo app.   Allie?Rini is from Wedding Snap, a photo sharing platform that uses and iPhone and Android app to instantly store guest photos to the happy couple?s personalized, online album.??Allie?is all about weddings and brings the French lace and Peonies to Silicon Valley.

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