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Why We Picked Good Ole Vegas...

Why We Picked Good Ole Vegas...

Well first, Vegas isn't very "good ole" to either of us, but it probably is in America? Is it? Please correct me down below in the comments if I'm wrong! My assumption is purely based on American TV shows. And we all know how reliable those are. Anyway, moving on! Why Vegas? 1. Initially, we were going to have a wedding on the island of Bali, Indonesia. And it might've looked like this.

My biggest fear was for our wedding to be like my 16th birthday party. I invited EVERYONE. From neighbours to high school classmates to just hi-bye friends in high school, to church friends, to family friends, to cousins, aunties, uncles, mum's best friends, her friends, her friends' kids...

I think at the end of it, I had tons of presents but I spoke to barely anyone. Some friends left halfway through because there were just too many people around.

Therefore our need/want for a small, intimate wedding was reason?#1 for picking Vegas. For my (extended) family to fly from Singapore to Bali, on a good day, would cost them... say... 90 bucks? And for Luke's (reeeeally extended) family to fly from Perth to Bali on a bad day would cos them...300 bucks? That meant that a lot of people could probably make it. Hence leading our small, intimate wedding into a not-so-intimate shebang with too many people.

Now that it's in Vegas, we have our immediate family that we want there terribly. The only friends I have coming are in the bridal party. I utterly love this. We'll have a maximum of 30 guests!


Also known as cost. Bali was going to charge us 55USD per person for 6 choices in a buffet and NO ALCOHOL. We're paying 70USD for a 3-course seated dinner, plus free-flowing alcohol for 4 hours? You say nay, I say YAY!

3. It's America, hello?

We were planning to see America at the end of this year anyway with both of our immediate families. So, when we decided we were ditching Bali, it was so simple for us. Plus, it's America. I've wanted to go there all my life. And now we're getting married there and having our honeymoon along the West Coast.

Plus, I managed to sneak in New York City pre-wedding. Muahaha.

4. Wedding friendliness.

I don't think there is anywhere else more wedding-friendly than Vegas. Wanna do it in a chapel? No worries. At a hotel? Sure thang. (A side note...?a hotel wedding can encompass a garden wedding, chapel wedding, poolside wedding, cabana wedding... the possibilities are endless!) At a golf course? Fo' shizzle.

So there! A few of the reasons why we picked Vegas!

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