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Weddzilla Blog Buddies: The Man Registry

Weddzilla Blog Buddies: The Man Registry

We continue our Blog Buddies series this week with Chris the man behind The Man Registry. The Man Registry is one of only a few wedding websites written by guys, for guys. Have a favorite blog you'd love to see featured? Leave a comment below to let us know! 1. What inspired you to start The Man Registry? It all started back in 2008 as I was planning my own wedding. My business partners (who also had also recently taken the plunge) and I had noticed a void in wedding registry items that the groom could get excited about. As important as flatware, bath towels and crock pots are, we felt there was room in the market for a supplemental registry featuring more guy-friendly items. As we continued our research of the wedding industry, we additionally noted a lack of quality resources to assist men as they planned their wedding. The thought of creating a one-stop shop for grooms featuring gifts and content seemed like a no-brainer... and we went for it. 2. What makes The Man Registry different from other wedding blogs/websites? While most wedding publications and websites cater to the bride, our website is built specifically for the groom. Our company was founded and is managed by men giving us a distinct "for guys, by guys" approach to the market. 3. How can The Man Registry help couples plan their weddings? The Man Registry helps couples in three distinct ways. First, our wedding registry and groomsmen gift shop offers an easy shopping experience for couples looking to add a few fun gifts to their registry or pick out unique gifts for the best man and groomsmen. Our Groom 101 content section features a selection of guy-centric articles on topics ranging from tuxedo shopping to planning the rehearsal dinner to honeymoons. The newest addition to our site is a local guide that showcases vendors and businesses that grooms will need to successfully plan the wedding. 4.? A quick look at your blog, and anyone can see it's almost completely devoted to grooms. How can grooms become more involved in the wedding planning process? The most important thing for grooms to remember is that wedding planning is a team effort. Sit down with your bride and develop a list of tasks that you would be interested in taking charge of. I usually recommend entertainment, transportation and the rehearsal dinner as good places to start as these are traditionally part of the groom's financial responsibility. Also, talk with friends that have gotten married and ask them how they contributed to the planning. Sometimes the best place to get ideas and inspiration is from friends or family members who have already gone through the experience. 5. Which types of features are most popular among your readers? Gift guides tend to be the most popular features that we run on our blog. We get a thrill out of helping grooms that are looking for the most useful gifts to add to their registry or the perfect thank you gifts for their best man and groomsmen. With literally thousands of options out there, we strive to provide a resource where guys can quickly find items and make purchases without leaving the comfort of their own home. 6. What are a couple other wedding blogs you just love? Some of my favorite wedding/relationship blogs are The Groom Says, Wedinator and Hitched Magazine. I'm also a big fan of The Art of Manliness. 7. Do you think the groom's involvement in the wedding planning process has changed over the last few years? Do you feel grooms are more involved or less involved? Grooms are absolutely more involved. I think that men's roles in wedding planning have definitely evolved over the last few years mainly due to the fact that couples are getting married at older ages. Getting married in your late 20's as opposed to early 20's means that you're going to be spending more of your own money on the wedding. This often equates to wanting to take a more hands-on role with things as. Additionally, the emergence of groom bloggers and tweeters have helped show guys that it's not bad (and even a little fun) to get involved and leave a personal mark on the wedding.
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