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Weddzilla Blog Buddies: Lovely Little Details

Weddzilla Blog Buddies: Lovely Little Details

Like many of you,?a bride named Jacin started her blogging adventure?with a simple bridal blog entitled She Said Yes! Then, Jacin got married. Instead of abandoning her blog, she renamed?it?Lovely Little Details and rebranded the whole site. Lovely Little Details features advice for brides, along with unique wedding ideas. Check out our Q&A below to find out just why we love this fabulous blog! [caption id="attachment_9840" align="aligncenter" width="273" caption="Courtesy of Lovely Little Details."][/caption] 1. What inspired you to start Lovely Little Details? I started the blog back in 2009 {then called She Said Yes!} as my diary to the altar, because I planned our wedding from across the country and wanted a way to keep friends and family posted on our progress.? Once the wedding had come and gone, I realized I still had a strong passion for the blog, so I wanted to keep it going. I had to change the name from She Said Yes! for a few reasons: 1. Because when I started the blog, I never thought to purchase a domain (didn't think I'd have to) and I had a random blogspot address that was not easily found through search engines, 2. What if "he" said yes? I didn't want to be stuck in a corner for a specific audience, and 3. I was in the process of starting my own wedding/event planning company, and re-branding as a whole, so I changed over to my new name, Lovely Little Details, in November of 2010 along with the launch of my company. 2. What makes Lovely Little Details different from other wedding blogs? Well, considering there are tons of wedding blogs out there, with new ones popping up every day, I do think it is hard to differentiate yourself from the pack, but I think one of the things that separates me (and separates them), is my voice. This blog was started by me, and is managed by me, and I pour my heart and soul in to every post, and everything that I put out there. I think most bloggers would say the same, but I also think that's what makes this little industry so special.? There can be 100 blogs, but each will have their own perspective to differentiate themselves.? Because I'm coming from the perspective of a recent bride and a planner, I can offer insight based on my own experiences, along with my brides' experiences to provide perspective from several different angles.? I also have a few returning guests stop by the blog each month, talking about everything from bridal fitness from a trainer's perspective, bridal beauty from a makeup artist, and coming soon, bridal nutrition from a nutritionist's point of view. I don't know too many others who do that. Lastly, I'm not afraid to speak my mind and be straight up with my thoughts to tell it like it really is, even if it's the opposite direction as the mainstream -- I think my readers appreciate that. 3. How can Lovely Little Details help brides plan their weddings? I am starting to move farther away from real weddings/engagements to more insight and planning advice. There are plenty of other blogs?that post real weddings every day, so if it's not up on mine, it's OK. I have a section devoted to "advice," which comes from the perspective of recent brides, planners and wedding party members, and this list grows weekly with new tips and learnings.? I also receive many emails from readers each week asking for advice and insight, and let my readers know that I am more than willing to help them in any way I can!? Even if it's the simplest idea, like writing gifts on the back of cards so you know who gave you what, it might strike a chord with someone planning their big day to say "I never thought of that!" ?And, sometimes with the inspiration overload that brides go through, I think it's nice to know someone is in your corner, letting you know it's OK if you want to use trendy decor in your wedding, and you don't have to explain yourself to anyone!? In the end, the most important part will be "I do" -- and I really try to remind my brides of that. 4. A quick look at your blog, and anyone can see you love mason jars! How can brides incorporate mason jars into their weddings? Oh there are TONS of ways to incorporate masons!? From vases to candle holders to signature cocktail glasses, the possibilities are truly endless!? Every Sunday, I have a post devoted to these little lovelies, called Mason Jar Sunday, which provides all kinds of mason jar inspiration. 5. Which types of features are most popular among your readers? My readers are smart -- they can tell when I'm having an off day and when I am truly giving it 110%, and the number of comments can attest to that.? I never want to let them down by selling out with lots of sponsored posts or talking about things that are totally off-topic, so I am really choosy about sponsors, real weddings and submissions.? I think my most popular posts are the ones when I pour my heart out with a piece of advice, letting brides know it is OK to feel what they're feeling, because people resonate with that and need to hear it every once in a while.? But hey, I could be wrong on that one, you never know. :) 6. What are a couple other wedding blogs you just love? The blogs I love most are the ones?that are true to themselves, and I don't really like to choose favorites because I am afraid to leave someone behind.? On LLD, I started a "lovely blog list" where I let people add their own blogs to my list, rather than calling out the usual suspects in wedding blog faves and making someone feel bad that they're not on my list.? Truthfully, I follow about 300+ blogs, so to list some and not all wouldn't be fair.? BUT, if I had to throw out names, of course Style Me Pretty is on my list, because Abby really paved the way for wedding blogs as we know them, and she is a real inspiration to me.? Another daily read is Sparkle & Hay, because Erin has become a dear friend of mine, and she is completely true to herself, which is so key in this blogging world. I do think it's important, though, especially with all of the new blogs popping up every day, for bloggers to remember where you came from in the beginning.? We all started out with just 1 follower, and it's hard to find your niche sometimes, so give those new blogs a look every now and then, and share some love with comments.? What goes around, comes around!
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