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Weddings & Pets: Puppy Love!

Weddings & Pets: Puppy Love!

Happy Wednesday, Weddzillas! Have you seen those adorable pictures of puppies or dogs in the wedding or even engagement pictures? Dogs are truly a part of the family these days, and I am hoping to have our dog Daisy in some of our pictures. We are getting married in a church, so I? don't think Daisy will be welcome there, but our reception is outdoors?and I am hoping to have her there for awhile!?
Cute, huh? Here are some of our puppy Daisy. She is an English Bulldog!
Personal Photo of Daisy

Will you have your dog in your wedding? P.S. Check this out for Japan if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Photo courtesy of Lovely Little Details

Have a Happy Wednesday!


The FairyTale Bride!

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