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Wedding Twist Tuesday: No Flowers for Royal Maid of Honor Pippa

Wedding Twist Tuesday: No Flowers for Royal Maid of Honor Pippa

The royal wedding is churning out wedding twists left and right! I love how the royal couple twisted tradition in so many ways, showing off the Middleton family's brilliant knowledge of what works and what doesn't at weddings. Today's twist: no bouquet for the maid of honor. Pippa, after all, had her hands full...and in the most adorable way, holding hands with the 'bridesmaids,' the youngest of the flowergirls, as she walked down the aisle. The little ones are quite little, after all, and it was a brilliant way to help the children feel comfortable walking into the jaw-dropping scene of the royal wedding. Pippa's escorting the little girls is definitely going to be emulated at upcoming weddings, and brides everywhere will feel huge relief over not having to worry about unattended flower girls freezing, running off, or freaking out. Pippa also needed her hands free to help manage her sister's train, and royal-watchers remarked that she did so with great poise. I'm not sure I could have done such a graceful dip in heels, nor in that dress! And then, of course, Pippa looked after her sister's bouquet during the ceremony, avoiding that double-fisted bouquet holding that some maids of honor have to do during a long ceremony...which can be a challenge when bouquets are larger and surprisingly heavier. So, how do you feel about the "no bouquet for the maid of honor" effect? Love it? Hate it? Would a pomander for Pippa have been prettier? Share your bouquet thoughts with us!
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