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Wedding Party Gifts: An Extra Special Thank You

Wedding Party Gifts: An Extra Special Thank You

The wedding might be all about the happy new couple, but the ceremony involves many other important people, too. A wedding party usually involves everyone from patient bridesmaids to a loyal best man, loving parents to the flower children. Without them, the wedding certainly wouldn't be the same, and a great way to show your your appreciation for them is by giving away custom wedding party gifts. Who helped with your wedding? The best way to remind people how much they mean to you is through working your wedding theme into personalized gifts for them. But who should you make sure to remember when buying gifts? First of all, if you have a maid of honor and a best man, they should certainly get special attention. They have responsibilities from arranging bachelor and bachelorette parties to supporting you as you get ready for the big day. If they're handling a lot more than the rest of the bridal party, your gifts should reflect this. Next, the bridesmaids and groomsmen should receive nice gifts for their part in the ceremonies. Many new couples choose to order matching gifts that might differ in a few aspects ? for instance, jewelry with different stone colors for each individual, or each person's name engraved in their own gift. How many generations are involved? Your parents shouldn't be forgotten, especially if they're helping to pay for or arrange the wedding. The two of you can work together to figure out what these important people in your lives might like, and then to get these gifts customized to suit them perfectly. If your grandparents are attending or involved, you may want to give them gifts, too. It can be a great gesture of respect and appreciation for all they've done to raise your parents and help raise you, especially if you have fond memories of growing up eating Grandma's apple pie. Finally, remember the kids! After the hard work of sitting still and behaving well at the wedding, it's a wonderful gesture to give the children like flower children or ring bearers their own custom gifts to treasure for years to come. Need some gift ideas? Think about your wedding theme or motifs when planning custom wedding gifts. If particular themes or colors are involved, it's easy to choose jewelry or trinkets based on the wedding for extra sentimentality. You could engrave pendants or necklaces with the date of the wedding, or add personalized messages to each gift with a few thoughts about how much they mean to you. Custom wedding party gifts are the perfect way to recognize and appreciate the people who have supported you and who helped you arrange the perfect wedding. Even if the wedding has a few hitches, the gifts will undoubtedly fix your wedding in their minds as one of their happiest moments. Author Bio:?Guest post is contributed by Claire Windon on behalf of - Claire is a freelance writer and wedding planner. Visit Sorella Jewelry for more details.

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