Wedding Day Timeline: 6 Quick Tips

Wedding Day Timeline: 6 Quick Tips

When we think of weddings, our minds instantly drift into the planning of the event, the food, the flowers, and most importantly, the cake! However, we forget the most important piece to this puzzle, the wedding day logistics, aka -- the timeline! This is where most couples wait until the last minute and then rush to put this together. But if you hire a good wedding planner, the logistics of your day will flow with ease! Essentially, it will not matter how good your D.J. is if you only have 20 minutes to dance, because you had to rush through your reception for fear of overtime. Here are a few tips to orchestrating a timeline that will give you time to enjoy your day! 1) Walk through the day step-by-step, 30 minutes at a time. 2) Keep the Internet open so you can see how long it will take to get from hotel to ceremony location to reception location. Think?about time of day, any other city events going on, weather, etc. 3) Allow time for pre-ceremony pictures, as this will allow for private time for the couple. 4) Perhaps put the start time on your ceremony 15 minutes earlier than you intend to start. This will allow for latecomers. 5) If you are hiring a driver, print out directions to all of your hotels, ceremony and wedding venues. This should be done by your wedding planner for all your vendors. 6) Depending on the size of your guest list, allow the correct amount of time for eating. A sit-down requires less time than a buffet, and a cocktail reception allows for more flexibility.?? Just remember that the key?to a fun-filled wedding is the time you put into the details of the day!?Keep it tight, and make it a coordinated day!
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