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Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Venue Special

Unique Wedding Ideas To Make Your Venue Special

When you start planning your wedding it is probably safe to say your first thoughts were all about the dress. I know I certainly suffered with wedding dress fever and from the moment the engagement ring was slipped on my finger my weekends (and the weekends of my bridesmaids) were taken over with dress fittings that I still remember with a warm smile. But once the dress has been chosen your thoughts need to be diverted to the wedding and the venue.? And when I say venue I don?t just mean the physical building, I mean those all important decorations, flowers and extras that turn a great venue into something quite extraordinary; a venue for you, your friends and family to remember fondly for years to come. The good news is that you can create a sumptuous, stylish and unique wedding venue on just about any budget. The tighter your budget is the more creative you may have to be, but with a keen eye for a bargain you can achieve just about anything. Some of the best weddings I have been to have been where the bride and groom have added their personal stamp to the room. Seating plans are a great starting point, because you can express your personalities, likes and hobbies by naming the tables after your favourite things. One bride I knew delegated this job to her husband, who took great delight in naming each table after his favourite football players. Another wedding I attended recently had each table named after a different Bond movie. By thinking up interesting and imaginative table names your guests have something to talk about when they arrive and this is a great ice breaker if the guests do not know each other. personalised wedding favour canvas

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Table decorations are the next big consideration and really provide the focal point for the room. Your table can be as lavish or as simplistic as you like, but make sure you clearly show where each guest is to be seated. Personalised wedding favours really make a powerful impact, because not only does the guest know where to sit but they are also given a wonderful keepsake to remember the day by (and who doesn?t like receiving gifts). It is customary to tie the colours in with the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, but it is your wedding, so if this does not work for you don?t do it! Choose a colour to suit your personalities and the room itself. Grand weddings in a stately home or castle lend themselves to dark, bold colours and even tartan prints, whereas an outdoor garden wedding reception would suit softer, more natural colours.   Author Bio:?Lindsey?Watson?is a married mum of one and enjoys life selecting handmade, unique products for her e-boutique, Swanky Maison.

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