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To Do or Not To Do - DIY Wedding Flowers

To Do or Not To Do - DIY Wedding Flowers

You may or may not know that I wrote a Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Guide. ?It is a workbook with step by step instructions and (5) DVD's explaining and showing you how to do ALL of your wedding flowers on your own. ? Today I am writing about DIY Flowers because I've been seeing a lot of chatter on Facebook about it by wedding professionals who are upset by the whole DIY trend. ?The last post I saw referenced Martha Stewart's recent DIY Weddings Magazine and stated that Martha does NOT tell brides to do their own wedding flowers the night before the wedding. ? The inference was that someone is telling brides to do their own wedding flowers the night before their wedding. I have never recommended any bride do her wedding flowers the night before the wedding. ?In fact, I've gone to great lengths to explain the proper timeline for ordering your flowers, picking up your flowers, processing your flowers, designing your flowers and storing your flowers. ?And, the bottom line is, I recommend that you get all your flowers designed and put away 2 days before your wedding. ?So, for example, if you are getting married on a Saturday, then you should pick up your flowers on Wednesday and process them. ?On Thursday, get it all done, design all the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, church flowers and centerpieces. ?Of course, that requires HELP, which I also spell out for you. If this is something you are interested in doing, I would suggest that you check out ?my videos on the subject at ?I explain how many helpers you should line up, I talk about refrigeration, (which is the normal way you would store your flowers) and I've provided a whole bunch of brief videos all related to helping you decide if doing your own wedding flowers is worth the TIME and EFFORT. ?It is a lot of time and effort. ?It is weren't, it wouldn't cost so much money. I recommend that you choose fairly simple and easy to make centerpieces. ?If you are decorating a church or ceremony site with bows - don't wait until this window of time to get those done, do them ahead of time - like a month ahead of time and store them until you need them. ?If you are swagging fabric along an aisle, get it measured and cut and stored ahead of time. ?The more you can do ahead of time the better off you will be when it comes down to the week before your wedding. ? I strongly believe that you should ENJOY your wedding and all the events leading up to it. ?If you are waiting until the night before your wedding to put your flowers together, chances are you are going to be SUPER STRESSED OUT. ?And, if something goes wrong, you have no wiggle room to get it worked out. I have personally spoken with several brides who chose to do their own wedding flowers the night before the wedding. ?Unless you have a super easy going personality, don't do it! ?The night before your wedding is supposed to be when you have your rehearsal dinner and enjoy time with your family and friends. ? I remember one bride who told me she did her flowers the night before was super easy going and really enjoyed putting all her flowers together with the help of family and friends. ?And then she slept in the room with the flowers and told me how wonderful it was to smell the flowers all night. ?That is not a scenario for everyone. ?And the pickier you are the more I don't recommend this idea. ? Here are a couple sample centerpiece ideas that I would recommend if you are going to do your own flowers. Easy DIY Centerpiece


Super Easy Centerpiece Idea   I've taken both these centerpiece pictures/ideas out of my DIY Wedding Flower Guide. ? I truly hope that you enjoy your wedding day and all the days leading up to it!
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