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The Princess Bride's Guide to Creating a Cork Inspiration Board

The Princess Bride's Guide to Creating a Cork Inspiration Board


As you have probably gathered by now, I like things pretty organized.? So after becoming engaged, I almost instantly jumped on the chance to create my own inspiration board.? For mine, I chose a fairly large board that is most often seen or used on bulletin boards in most offices or even schools.? I decided to use one of this particular?size, because I knew that I would want to use the board as a seating chart organizer for my reception, as well.? To begin, I started collecting various bridal magazines and instantly starting clipping pictures out that supported my wedding theme.? By the way, I will delve more into my wedding theme later, but by looking at my board, take a guess and I will let you know if you are correct.?? I began to clip various bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, shoes, wedding reception decor ideas, wedding ceremony ideas, cake ideas, pretty much anything that I was inspired by. Building your own inspiration board is fun, because it really helps you to visualize the overall style and theme of your wedding.? Once you begin to see various styles and colors come to life on your board, it gets exciting!? In order for your board to remain organized, you must stick to a certain pattern.? You do not want to just place your pictures anywhere on the board, and you want to have a system.? So for mine, I placed the cake ideas and wedding reception decor ideas that I loved in the upper left corner.? I figured that those should be at the top of my board, since the reception is usually about 60% of your wedding day.? Then next to it in the top middle of the board, I placed wedding ceremony decor ideas, because that is important to me, as well.? I am getting married in a beautiful chapel, so I am on the search for tasteful wedding ceremony decor that will not take away from the already natural beauty of the chapel.???As you have probably noticed by now, I did not include any pictures of wedding dresses.? The reason being is that I have been sharing my board with family and friends, and I don't want anyone to have an idea of the dress I will wear.? I told you I was traditional when it comes to certain things,?and my mom has seen my dress.? My bridesmaid dresses are all on the upper to lower right half of the board.? For the most part, I stuck with the same style of dresses but played around with different color schemes and combinations.? I also included shoes that I would like to see them in, along with various accessories that I found to be complementary.? Moving on to the lower left hand side of the board, I included some sample ideas for flower girls dresses.? Now, my thought process behind these dresses is that they should be complimentary to the rest of the wedding party.? I am not necessarily sold on the flower girl wearing white. I want to be the only one wearing white, since?after all, I am the bride! Finally, for the middle of the board, I included bouquet inspirations.? By the way, you probably noticed that I did not include ideas for the groomsmen because my fiance' is taking care of that.? More on that later! So as you can see, building your own inspiration board can be fun and also helpful in your planning process.? You will not only have fun browsing through many bridal magazines, but you will begin to determine your likes and dislikes so that you can better communicate those things to your wedding planner and those around you.??Also, as I mentioned previously, after you have completed your inspiration board, it can double as a reception seating chart board.? You can easily make round cut outs and place them on the board in the order the tables will be set up at the reception.? Then you can write each guest's name at the table they will be sitting at?and go from there.? OK, I hope this was helpful!? Now get started on those inspiration boards!? I am going to revisit mine this weekend and add more things.? Have a great weekend!? Cheers!
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