The Perfect Gown for Your Personality & Wedding Style

The Perfect Gown for Your Personality & Wedding Style

In our "Define Your Wedding Style" series, we've discussed how you can define who you are and what the style of your wedding will be by the use of colors and flowers. This week, we'll discuss wedding style by use of your wedding day attire. Naturally, who you are as a person is expressed by your fashion style. It tells if you live for the dramatic or if you love softness and easiness. It tells who you are and what you want to accomplish with the look you are going for. This holds true when it comes to your wedding day attire. Here are some examples to assist you in choosing the style and theme for your wedding: A DREAMY FAIRYTALE A big, puffy ballroom gown is perfect for a dreamy fairytale wedding. Think Disney princess! Imagine Cindrella at the ball, Belle dancing with the Beast and Aurora at her wedding, twirling in her blue, then pink, then blue, then pink wedding gown (you have to watch the movie to understand this one!). How dreamy did they look dancing with their Price Charming in a beautiful, big, puffy dress? Photo courtesy of Disney NATURAL A soft, flowing dress is perfect for the natural bride. Imagine being outside, with a rustic barn or house as the background setting. Nature surrounds you and your guests. What could better compliment nature than a beautiful sheath-style gown made of cotton and other natural fibers? Only you wearing it! PLAYFUL First of all, your gown has to be fun to even be considered for a playful-themed wedding. NO ballroom gowns allowed! The two don't even match. Think an above-the-knee dress in a soft pastel color with totally hot shoes! Try adding a pop of color to your wedding dress, like a colored ribbon or sash around the waist. Or maybe a shawl in a really bold color. Pair this with really bright shoes and a fun headpiece made of feathers, brooches, paper flowers or lace. You'll be the most playful bride ever! Photo courtesy of SIMPLE & SWEET A tea-length, knee-length or sheath gown is just right for a playful or simple & sweet-themed wedding. A simple ribbon? around the waist or maybe a brooch embellisment is perfect for a simple affair featuring a sweet couple! DRAMATIC Bold colors are perfect for the bride who wants her wedding attire to fit her drama queen personality and theme! Try a deep red wedding gown with black embellishments to make a real statement. Or how about a navy blue or dark green wedding gown? You guests will be floored when you step through the door in a "knock me out" gown in a fabulous, bold color! So, now that we are dressed for the wedding of the century, we'll talk location next week! Love & Happy Designing!
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