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The Great Stamp Debacle of 2011

The Great Stamp Debacle of 2011

I spent MUCH time this weekend working on a stamping project that I was so excited about! didn't exactly go as I had planned. Remember that amazing calligraphy giveaway that Deb Sementelli?hosted on the Weddzilla Blog? Well, I was a winner, and I have so many ideas of how to incorporate our calligraphy design into our wedding. One way was to emboss napkins for our cocktail hour. My mom, sister and I used to emboss on a regular basis when I was growing up, so we already had all the supplies on hand to do this project! I bought very affordable green cocktail napkins at Party City, and ordered a stamp from of my calligraphy design. The stamp came in a few short days and looked great! So, I started stamping away on some sample napkins this past weekend. I pressed waaaayyy too hard on my first stamp and it ended up getting all smudgy. Then, when I pressed too lightly, the Laura came out great, but the Chris looked way too faint. When I got the pressure right for the text to appear even...this always happened: The areas around the design would get ink on them and smudge on the napkins. It was very frustrating.? So, my dad came up from his workshop with razer blades and files in hand to try and shave down the sides. I wasn't going to use the stamp anyway, so we really couldn't make it any worse. After a while of cutting and filing, we had cut out a pretty good chunk of the not-used rubber on the stamp. So, I got back to stamping and embossing. This was our "workshop" area in the kitchen: Unfortunately, it still didn't work. It was certainly much better than before...but it was still too hard to get the touch just right. I was getting so frustrated I had to just call it a day. That had taken up my whole morning! So, I emailed Simon Stamps first thing Monday morning. They had a new one out to me by that afternoon AND they also asked me to send them the file so they could darken up the edges, and they'll send me a THIRD one to try out. Hopefully, the design will stick out more and I'll receive another one by the end of the week. I must say, I've been very happy with their customer service. I'll be even more happy if one of these new stamps works better than the last one. I've already used up quite a few napkins?for botched trials: This is a project that I am determined to figure out a way to make work. I really, really want our calligraphy design on the napkins, and I really want them to be embossed. I'll let you know how the two new stamps work. If worse comes to worse, I will purchase a stamp design of two champagne glasses clinking and use that instead, but for now, I'm going to hold out until I can get a darn custom-made stamp to work!
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