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The Best Of Celebrity Bridal Hair Styles

The Best Of Celebrity Bridal Hair Styles

Kate Middleton I'm not particularly into the royal family at all, but I was still swept up in all the magic of the royal wedding last year. Kate Middleton therefore is another favourite 'celebrity' bride. I wouldn't go for her style myself, because I don't think I could pull it off - but I still think she looks stunning in her own way. She looks so elegant, classic and beautiful. Her hair is actually all her own, but if you're anything like me and most people I know, you won't be blessed with such gorgeous bouncy locks. Fear not, they are very easy to recreate - and this is one look which I would say is easier to create without the help of a stylist. Kate's look was created by blow drying the hair using a large barrelled curling brush and then setting it in rollers. Heated rollers are extra handy because they help the hair to stay in position once they're removed. When creating a similar look with extensions, you can either put all your hair extensions in and then apply rollers, or set your hair extensions separately to your actual hair, and then apply them afterwards. Either way has a similar effect. Be careful if you decide to use synthetic rather than real human hair extensions, as synthetic hair extensions do not like heat and no one wants melted hair on their wedding day!   Eva Longoria Eva has to be the winner of the best up-do prize. She always looks so effortlessly chic and her wedding day was no exception. Eva actually had her hair down for the ceremony, but switched to an up-do later to enjoy the celebrations at her wedding reception. Even though I am a regular hair extension user, I seriously recommend hair extension virgins to give them a go and try them for their wedding, you will be amazed how they are able to transform your look and make you feel special. Even Eva will have used hair extensions to achieve this up-do. To recreate this style I would curl the hair all over with hair extensions in, using rollers to give the hair soft and subtle waves. Then, whilst I am fixing the hair up at the back, I would secure a roller away from my face at the front, to create the flirty flick you can see on Eva. The back can be secured with pretty decoration 'swirls' as described above. They look so pretty on brides. Eva Longoria Wedding Photo

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Jennifer Stano Model Jennifer Stano has to be my all time favourite bride! I think she looked just stunning on her wedding day and she will definitely be my inspiration when I get married. I love the fairytale look of her wedding and the way she looks slightly OTT and full on glamorous but still classy and elegant. Her hair looks gorgeous and was created by hairstylist Cynthia, using hair extensions. If you're brave enough to do your own hair for your wedding or perhaps you just want to look stunning as a guest or bridesmaid, I'd recommend having a few trial runs so you'll be super confident on your special day. Jennifer's own hair is shoulder length and the styling started with a bouncy blow dry to give her natural hair lots of volume. Layer by layer, hair extensions were clipped in, and tonged with a large barrel curling tong to create the loose curls which Jennifer describes as 'beachy waves'. At the top of Jennifer's head, heated rollers were used to create extra volume around the crown. Her stylist then pinned up the upper sections of her hair at the back, creating a 'half up-half down' look, enabling Jennifer to have her hair down, without it being in her face. If she had wanted a more ornate look for her hair, this would have been the time to insert roses or diamonds, or whatever she fancied. Author Bio: This guest blog was written by, a UK based online retailer of clip on hair extensions. They have a huge range of high quality real hair extensions in a extensive range of styles and colours. All their hair extensions are available with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

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