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Take a Break - Down the Road

Take a Break - Down the Road

Being engaged can add a whole new dimension to the relationship -- gone are the light-hearted days of the past, where you may have been happy-go-lucky in your relationship. Now, you have to talk about finances, family, the wedding, living together...phew. So, how do you keep things sexy and sparkly while tackling the practicalities of the upcoming matrimony, too?
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About a month before our wedding, I was just about to lose my mind. At that point, we had been planning for a full 8 months, and our social life consisted pretty much of going to the mall to find wedding-related items, and...actually pretty much that. Any other time was spent collecting RSVPs, emailing and calling vendors, and organizing guests travel arrangements. No wonder couples need the honeymoon! And that, Mr. Wow decided, was exactly what we needed, and not after the wedding, but right then and there. About three weeks before the wedding, we were feeling tired and exhausted. We were arguing. We hadn't been having much fun. When he suggested that we go away for the night, I thought he was crazy -- what an extravagance when we were supposed to be conserving money, and besides, we were too busy to take a vacation. What would people think? (And yes, I care about this for some reason.) Luckily, Mr. Wow is more level-headed than I (the yin to my yang) and convinced me to spend a night away. It turned out to be the best decision ever. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, got a fantastic night's sleep, went swimming in the hotel pool. Best. Idea. Ever.
What a difference a day makes! We were reminded of why we were getting married in the first place and how much fun we have together. And we were much more refreshed to tackle the last things on our checklist, too. Oh, and the hotel was only 20 miles down the road! Staycations, my friend, are where it's at. If things aren't so hot and happening between you two during this time, don't be afraid?to take?a break! And it needn't be expensive. Go stay with friends and family close by, find a cheap hotel deal online, or transform your own house into a hotel for the weekend, where wedding talk is off-limits and breakfast is eaten in bed. Does anyone else love taking a break close to home (or even in your own backyard)?
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