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Super Sweet Wedding Dessert Ideas

Super Sweet Wedding Dessert Ideas

There?s one thing about a wedding that can either make or break the event: what comes when it?s time for dessert. You might think that guests will remember the beautiful ceremony and the fun or main dishes at the reception, but flop with your dessert and that?s what they?ll be talking about. You can have a traditional wedding cake at your reception, but it doesn?t have to be the same old cake you?ve seen at a hundred other weddings. Make your dessert offerings super sweet and you can bet it?ll be an event that pleases young and old. The traditional?cake option with a twist Let?s start with the basics: the wedding cake. If you?re going to have a cake, think outside of the box. Everyone is used to chocolate or vanilla. It?s time to shake things up and really get their taste buds going. Have your baker make a flavored cake, but make it something that?s not too common. A popular one is champagne with any number of equally elegant frostings. For a real crowd-pleaser, have the cake swirled with filling. A great idea? Mix your favorite Jell-O with your favorite soda (yes, try it!), the soda bubbles will remain in the Jell-O, giving a fun zing with every bite. Cake isn?t for everyone, remember. And that?s why it?s important for a bride to plan a little variety when it comes to dessert time. Cupcakes have become a favorite dessert at weddings. They can be of all different flavors and can feature cute decorations. Cupcakes are still cake, though, so this doesn?t help out the guests looking for a different texture.   Wedding Cake Slices Sweet as candy Never underestimate the power of a gourmet candy buffet. This super sweet dessert offering can tempt just about anyone, even those that claim they don?t care for sweets. Make sure you have a wide variety of homemade candies: chocolates, fudges, taffies, hard candy, and dessert bars. The nice thing about homemade candy is it can be made in bulk months ahead of time and then frozen until the big day arrives. Go natural While probably not the majority of your guests, there will be a select number who really won?t want to eat candy or cake. For these people, consider offering a fruit, yogurt and nut bar. This is a great way to cater to people of all ages?and to provide parents with a way to avoid late-night sugary sweets! All you need is a nice selection of fresh fruit, two or three flavors of yogurt (frozen or refrigerated) and a variety of nuts and oats to sprinkle on the top.? If you really want to go for a good impression, provide some sherbet as a topping. Unlike other ice creams, sherbet is considered healthy and has a much lighter flavor. Don?t forget: your big day is about your guests too, and dessert is one of the luxuries people look forward to at a big event. One of your priorities should be that all attendees are fed well and happy when they leave.

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