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Red Wedding Inspiration Board

Red Wedding Inspiration Board

Red is a strong color that conjures up passion. What better color to incorporate into your wedding day? Wow your guests with a red hot wedding by adding the color red whenever you get the chance. Going the red route is one sure fire way to turn heads and demand attention as you strut your stuff down the aisle. Not to mention red can look sizzling in both the summer and winter seasons. If you're still needing a bit more red inspiration, let's take a look at some of these photographs. Like many other inspiration boards a lot of the inspiration typically comes from the flowers that the wedding party and bride will be carrying, and the flowers that will be at the wedding events themselves. If the bride has decided that she will be wearing a classic white or ivory wedding dress she should think about carrying a classy red bouquet of flowers. This is one occasion when I think a simple bouquet of red roses wouldn't be cliche, and would be completely spot on. I picture the bridesmaids wearing red dresses holding white flower arrangements to balance the red theme going on without going overboard, and groomsmen sporting red ties, corsages, or ascots. With all that being said because red is such a powerful color, you don't want to over do it. Think timeless jewelry pieces, and a simple yet elegant shoes. I'm always a big fan of red lipstick, and can picture everyone in the wedding party sporting a pretty red pout in wedding pictures. As for your receptions, accenting your white linen tablecloths and napkins with pretty red bows and ribbon is a simple yet great way to add a splash of red to your festivities. Keep drinks classic, there's no need to have a red signature drink at this affair. Popping a bottle of champagne and toasting to the future with friends while listening to a live band is enough! Palette: Red, white, silver, black

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