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Pretty in Pink Inspiration Board

Pretty in Pink Inspiration Board

If you're a pink girl, and your fianc? has given you the go ahead to incorporate the?colour?as much as possible into your wedding ceremony and reception this is the board for you to take a look at. Between adding quaint pink bows to your champagne flutes for fabulous toasts, to wearing pink pearls instead of the classic white adding pink doesn't have to be?gruelling? In fact, you have many great options with this popular girly?favourite. We all know that some of the prettiest flowers are pink, so take full advantage and start scoping out various flowers with different shades of pink for your bouquets and flower arrangements.? Pink and white combination bouquets are popular with pink and white ribbons adding extra color and detail. Lace ribbons and doilies along with strands of pearls are also great options for bouquets and arrangements. For this wedding, I picture bridesmaids in pink holding a mixture of pink and white bouquets with shoes that have a pop of color.? In this inspiration board we see a photo of purple heels. Let your bridesmaids have a bit of fun with their outfits! Coordinate matching manicures and pedicures with your wedding party. Decide whether you'd all like to go with a specific color, or a classic french manicure.? Groomsmen can join in on the pink theme, by wearing pink corsages or pink ties. Let everyone in on how fun pink can be! It's not just for girls, confident guys can rock the color as well! Hand out signature pink cocktails as guests file into the reception. If you are having a wedding someplace warm, hand out pink handheld wedding fans to guests as they enter the ceremony. Give your guests pink gift bags or party favors with various pink items in them. Palette: pink, white, fuchsia, purple, denim

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