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Nighttime Treats for Destination Wedding Guests

Nighttime Treats for Destination Wedding Guests

You've already welcomed them to your destination wedding with a fabulous goodie bag filled with bottles of water, sunscreen, local gourmet goodies, and bug bite stick, perhaps spa products and other indulgences. But it's become a new trend to surprise your guests with a little something awaiting their return to their rooms at the end of each night. At Caneel Bay in St. John, guests return 'home' to find a pair of pretty seashells on their dresser, paired with a lovely and elegant printed card bearing a romantic or inspiring quote. My favorite is "Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them." Each night, you get a new pair of shells and a new quote card. We were almost giddy keying into our room to see what awaited us inside. Another welcome-home treat is a hand-written note from the two of you, revealing what tomorrow's activities will be. Rather than revealing all of the plans on a printed itinerary in the welcome bag, it's more like the 'date cards' you see on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, surprising guests with hints about or the revelation of what the next morning will bring them. It could be a breakfast sail, a kayak tour, lunch on the beach, a hike...whatever your schedule entails. A bottle of wine and two glasses is always welcome, as are some newly-bought packaged snacks...but there's one treat I'd love for you to steer clear of: some island habitats are by nature home to insects. And if your guests arrived home to a pretty cupcake on a plate that's crawling with little bugs, that doesn't impress. So keep snacks packaged, and keep drinks sealed. It's just the way island life is. Share what you plan to surprise your destination wedding guests with...we'd love to hear your stories!
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