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Making due with what you are given

Making due with what you are given

This weekend I found out my Fiance's R&R dates for this deployment! ?I have been looking forward to getting these dates from the beginning and I'm glad to discover it's about halfway through his time away. ?If you don't know R&R means Rest and Recovery and most soldiers get them during a deployment. ?My fiance's will last 15 days, meaning he gets a full 15 days home. ?Now back on topic, and to lead you where I was going with this whole topic. ?Since he gets a full 15 days home and it will be 8 months before the wedding, we are pre-planning some wedding things. ?Since he won't be home until right before the wedding, he won't be able to attend any showers, so we are going to have one while he is home. This is a photo of my fiance toward the end of our registering experience about a month ago. ?Haha, he's so funny. ?I know we are doing things a little out of order and ahead of time. ?But, we have do plan things when he's available. ?So while he is home, we are having a couples shower, cake tasting, and taking engagement pictures. Did you have to do anything out of the ordinary when planning? ?Did you have a couples shower?
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