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Makeup Tips for Covering Tattoos

Makeup Tips for Covering Tattoos

On the big day, some brides decide that they want to cover their tattoos, especially if they are worried about their families seeing?them or if they are having a church service.? As a makeup artist, I do get requests about this and thought that I would?offer a few different product options and some tips.? Also, another tip is to talk with your photographer, as he or she may be able to Photoshop it out of your?photos. Dermablend makeup line has a set of products that work to prep the skin, conceal, and set the products so the makeup?will last and not smudge.? The prep portion is their Leg and Body Tatoo Primer.? The Leg and Body Cover Foundation with SPF 15 is a sheer formula that comes in a variety of skin tone shades, which needs to be applied in a few applications.? And then, finish with their setting powder, especially if you are a summer bride with an outdoor wedding and the potential of moisture on the skin. If you decide you are going to try?to cover it up with standard cosmetics, you will need a few more steps. 1. Find a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin and apply a layer of that, followed by a shade that is closer to your skin tone.? Blend both well into your skin surrounding the tattoo. 2. Using a sponge, apply a foundation powder to the area, pressing into the skin so as not to smudge or remove the concealer.? The powder helps set the concealer work that you just did. 3. Apply a cream foundation lightly so that you will not have to take it off and then start back at the beginning.? On this step, I use my fingers so that I have more control over the amount and application.? Tap it on the skin. 4. Follow with a little more foundation powder to help set all of your work.? Keep in mind that you may have to play with the shades of concealer, powder and foundation, and that you have to use a light touch when layering.? It is always easier to add more than to take off. And lastly, you can call a makeup artist and have them apply the products of their choice, or have them airbrush the tattoo lighter or out.? Airbrushing is an easy way to blend to find the perfect shade to conceal, and it goes on lightly and in several layers, so that it does not look like caked-on makeup.
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