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It's Honeymoon Time...

It's Honeymoon Time...

Hello ladies (and gents)!?I just want to let everyone know that for the next three weeks, I will be missing in action from the boards. Why, you ask? I am going on my honeymoon! I officially left on June 5 for England, and we are spending one week there and then another two in Greece, island hopping. I know, we got married this time LAST YEAR. It seems it's a growing trend to postpone the honeymoon. We had a few reasons why we did this. 1. We could not leave right after the wedding, or more did not want to, as we had a ton of family we wanted to visit with. 2. We used up a good chunk of our holiday time for the wedding and wanted to invest more time into our honeymoon. 3. I won a free "mini-moon" for right after the wedding, so we just did that instead. 4. And, the most obvious, money. We simply could not afford to save up for a wedding and a Europe honeymoon in the nine months we were engaged! [caption id="attachment_9934" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Image from http://www.theodora.com"][/caption] I have slotted some posts for all the Mondays that I am gone! I just will not be commenting on the boards. :) I cannot wait to come back though and share all of this with you! Did anyone else postpone their honeymoon?
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