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Inviting Mickey Mouse & President Obama

Inviting Mickey Mouse & President Obama

I sent out three very special invitations to our wedding to the Obama's, plus Mickey and Minnie in Disney World and also Disneyland -- just in case they happened to be?at one and not the other. ;) This week, we received an envelope in the mail from Disneyland.

Inside, was a signed black and white photo of Mickey and Minnie saying:

Best Wishes Laura and Christopher! Your Pal, Mickey Mouse and Love and Kisses Minnie Mouse xoxo

Personal Photo
They also included this adorable Cinderella "Just Married" Pin with it! I can't wait to sport this on?the way to our honeymoon! So far, we have only received a response from Disneyland, but am still hoping to receive something from Disney World. If you want to invite Mickey and Minnie to your wedding, here are the addresses:

Disneyland: Mickey & Minnie The Walt Disney Company 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, California 91521

Disney World: The Magic Kingdom C/O Mickey & Minnie Mouse 1675 N Buena Vista Drive Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

The White House also accepts wedding invitations, and sends out an official regrets letter. Here is what we got from the Obama's (in a personal picture frame I had):

Personal Photo
Congratulations to your on your wedding day. We hope this special time is blessed with love, laughter and happiness. As you embark on your journey together, may your bond grow stronger with each passing year. Sincerely, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

If you want to send an invitation to the White House, here is the address:

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama The White House Greetings Office Rm. 39 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC 20500

Both of these responses came within a month after sending out the invitation.

Do you know any other famous people who send out something if you invite them to your wedding?

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