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How To Plan Around A Tight Wedding Budget

How To Plan Around A Tight Wedding Budget

Your wedding day is probably going to be one of the most important and most expensive days in your life. The estimate cost of a typical wedding is around $ 15,000- $20,000. The question is, does it really have to be very expensive?? The truth is there are tons of ways for you to cut down on your wedding bill. You just have to make a few adjustments and choose the best yet less expensive choices in the market.? Read more to have a fun, memorable yet money saving wedding. A wedding of 150 people is expected to cost around $ 20,000 and this includes the following: Your wedding dress, venue and reception, catering expenses, invitations, transportations, beautification expenses, photographer and a few more things. Aside from that, you still have to allot money for hidden expenses and all this is affordable for everyone. There are gorgeous weddings that just cost under $ 4,000, would you like to know how to do it? Here?s how you can have a budget friendly wedding. Consider Locations Choose the locations well- your family church will be the most inexpensive option. Or if you want, you can choose to have the ceremony and the reception combined. Check out community centers because they can be inexpensive and beautiful too. Your local park is also an option if you want a garden and open wedding. Lastly, why not get married in your backyard? You?ll keep the memories forever with your home, just set up a tent to be ready in case of bad weather. Culinary Creations Catering services- are you good in cooking? Why not have your family cook for your wedding and save more? You can just rent out the catering tables and chairs and just gather a little help from your family. You?ll save hundreds or thousand of dollars and, you get to choose or personalize the dish for your memorable day. Financially Feasible?Favours Your giveaways shouldn?t be too expensive as well. You just have to be creative with the souvenirs. The important thing is that it should be fun and it should represent the two of you and your wedding.?Wedding cake- a very tall, tiered cake with edible pearls may be your dream cake but the price might not be. Take your time in choosing a beautiful cake that is less the price and worth the taste. All About The Dress Wedding gown- yes, you deserve all the attention on your wedding day but thee are a lot of gowns out there that are very gorgeous but are not very expensive.? Go canvassing for your gown a few months so that you won?t be rushing to look for one.?Get the wedding of your dreams without breaking your wallet. Research more about how to save up on weddings and keep a budget list with you and stick to it to prevent hurting your credit as well.   Author Bio:?Joy Mali is an active blogger and shares extremely interesting financial management tips over the web that encourages people to check credit score regularly & to build a working credit report for a happy financial life.

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