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How to Make Sure Your Bridesmaids Compliment The Bride

How to Make Sure Your Bridesmaids Compliment The Bride

When deciding to get married there are many things you must get in order. One of those things is your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids will be a big and important part in your wedding. You want to make sure that they look good enough to compliment you, but not so great that they outshine you! Bridesmaids Dresses One thing that makes a big difference in your wedding is what you and your bridesmaids are wearing. The bride should wear a nice big white dress or something that is unique compared to the bridal party. Every woman is excited about this aspect of their wedding when getting married. Once you have picked out your dress, you will then need to decide on your bridesmaids dresses. You want to make sure that you, the bride will pick the dresses and not the maids. The reason for this is so you get to pick what you want them to look like and so that they all match. There can be issues with budget and theme which the bridesmaids may not fully appreciate so keeping fully in control of this is important. The taller the better You may want to consider height also on the day, as the focus, you the bride will want to be the tallest so picking their shoes to ensure you are higher up if this is possible, which will help you look taller and thinner. Your bridesmaids may have certain requirements in mind but as much as you should listen to their requests, ultimately it?s for them to say, yes to whatever you say. Customised Dresses There are many places that offer different styles of bridesmaid dresses, you may even be able to get customised dresses made to suit each maids figure but in the same colour to suit your weddings? theme. Here are some simple rules, keep the colour plain, simple lines, V necks suit every figure and keep an elegant style and you cannot go wrong but in the end it?s all up to your style and what you decide to choose. Standout Hairstyle Another thing that makes a difference is how everybody?s hair is done. When getting married, some women wear their hair up while others do a hair down style. There are many things you can do to your hair as a bride to make it look extravagant and perfect for that big day. When deciding on how you want your bridesmaid?s hair, make sure you think long and hard. You do not want them having the same hair do as you. The reason for this is because you are going to want to stand out on your day. You can try letting your hair down with amazing curls and having them put their hair up in a classic up style. Again, you want to make sure that all of your bridesmaids are doing the same thing, when it comes to their hair. You don?t want your bride?s maids not looking organized and perfect. Beauty/ Make up preparations One of the other things that make a difference is the make-up you wear. Most women have their make-up planned in advance so they know exactly what they want for their big day. When doing this, you are better prepared for your wedding day. Also since your bridesmaids are a big part of your wedding, you might also want to have their make-up done. When choosing how to do you and your bridesmaid?s makeup keep in mind that you should stand out. You might want to try making the bridesmaids makeup a neutral and natural look. When doing your makeup, you can try using slightly different shades to make sure that you will be standing out in all the wedding pictures. As you can see preparing for a big wedding can be a lot of work. Keep in mind that it is your big day, when deciding on how you and your brides present yourselves. You want to make sure that you sparkle compared to everyone else, after all ?it is supposed to be all about you on that special day!   Author Bio:?Rebecca is writing on behalf of ? with everything that sparkles for the big day in terms of jewellery and engagement rings. Rebecca is currently studying fashion and aspires to eventually own her own bridal boutique and has plenty of tips on outfits, hair, jewellery including ?Samara James wedding rings? and everything else you will need to make the day extra special.

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