How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

No matter how brilliant your wedding planning is or how fantastic a venue you have chosen, there are likely to be little parts of the day where the entertainment lulls. So, how can you provide constant entertainment for your guests? Inflatables I know you are probably thinking they are just for kids, and yes they were created for children. If you have one at your wedding it will be used by mainly children at first, but wait until the champagne starts flowing and you will find all the adults kicking off the shoes for a quick go. It is great fun, and there is something very naughty about bouncing around in your best clothes. And, we guarantee the photographer will want a shot of the bride and groom on the castle. If you have visions of bouncy castles adorned with cheesy cartoon clown in primary colours ? think again Giant Games When the photographer is going through your entire family history, you will be busy but many of your guests will not have much to do. Giant Games are very popular and they look amazing as well as being great fun. Place them around the venue, and will little encouragement people will play. Giant Jenga or Giant Connect 4 can be bought here for very little. The great thing is you will then have them to keep so anytime you have a party or kids round you can get the games out. From giant version of classic branded board games like Jenga or Connect Four, to true old favourites like giant chess or draughts, there are giant games for all ages. Open Mike You know all about the speeches but you could keep them short and invite anyone who wants to say a few words to get up and speak. Let people know before the event that you will be doing it, and you will be amazed how many people want to stand up and say something personal and warming. This should also quite naturally provide entertainment too. There is the possibility of ridiculously embarrassing anecdotes coming out, but if you have tough skin why not?! There is something more exciting about having surprises on the big day as everything else has been so meticulously planned. Photo Booths Not quite like the ones at the station, but the same idea. Your guests go in and take a photo, as a keepsake. The hire companies send them in with a prop box to rummage in and dress up. You will get some incredible pictures, and your guests will have fun too. Hours of entertainment resulting in some great spontaneous photo moments. With a little thought, there will never be a quiet moment, and your wedding will go down as one of the best anyone has been to. Get thinking and come up with something a little different to make your wedding fun for everyone and not another run-of-the-mill wedding like the many tiresome Author Bio: Abby is from?Big Game Hunters?who not?only sell all sorts of crazy Garden Games, as well as Trampolines, above Ground Pools, Playhouses, Table Tennis equipment....the list just goes on and on!

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