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Have Fun with a Halloween Themed Wedding Cake

Have Fun with a Halloween Themed Wedding Cake

Halloween is such a great holiday.? It's a fun departure from reality and the same-old same-old.? It's a day to dress up and be funny, or a day to have an excuse to scare your friends and neighbors.? When you plan a wedding around a holiday you have an instant theme prepared for you by the calendar.? If you plan your wedding around Halloween you have a variety of ways to go with the theme.? You can go full-on Halloween and have your reception in a haunted house, or tame the theme by using just Halloween colors or jack-o-lanterns as flower vases on your tables.? The possibilities are endless.? So are the possibilities with your wedding cake design. Here are some great examples to get your creative juices going.? You can choose elements from these cakes to take to your cake designer to plan your cake, or just go with a color scheme.? Cake designers love to have photos to work from so both of you will have a better idea of what the final product will look like.? Look to these photos for inspiration or any other Halloween themed items and bring them along to your cake consultation. Here's a fun cake with a classic Halloween couple used on top, Jack and Sally. ?Remember to have fun with the topper. ?There are so many couples you can use: Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, Herman and Lily Munster, Dracula and Mina. This one leans to the goth side, but it's Halloween so that's okay! ?I love the spiderwebs draping over the sides, and the black, red, and white color scheme works well for Halloween too. This is a great design for a wedding cake. ?Totally nontraditional in its shape, the house theme can be played up into a spooky haunted house, or tamed down to a Victorian with a fall garden and jack-o-lanterns on the porch. ?Maybe even a topper of the wedding couple used on the porch instead of on top of the cake. Here's a perfect traditional cake done in Halloween colors. ?You don't have to have a spooky cake for it to say Halloween. Here's a great use of Halloween colors in a simple, traditional style cake that is anything but boring. ?The bow is so dramatic against the cream colored background, and the tiny dots in brown and orange tie into the Halloween color scheme. And finally, here's a simple way to do it yourself if you're on a tight budget. ?Trim out a cupcake stand in ribbon to match your cupcakes and use tiny Halloween themed candies or plastic picks on the cupcakes. ?Top them off with Halloween sprinkles or colored sugars. ?The cutting cake on top can be as simple as you like, or it can match the cupcakes, or you can order the cake from a bakery.
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