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Five Simple And Unique Wedding Ideas

Five Simple And Unique Wedding Ideas

The hottest wedding trends of the season can be boiled down to one thing?NOT doing it by the book. Couples today are choosing themes and elements that represent their individuality, interests, and their unique love story. Really, is there any better way to start life together? Sure, there are still wedding purists that prefer the traditional wedding with all of the appropriate accoutrements, and I love them, too. Nothing will ever replace the pure elegance the traditional wedding represents. However, weddings that choose a different form have a new sparkle all their own, with and without the Swarovski crystals. Cool? Clothes Weddings are supposed to be special, and couples make it special with their own style. Whether it is not traditional colors or non-matching clothes for the wedding party, unique is chic. unique bridal party Timely Themes Whether subtle or overt, theme weddings have been rocking the wedding isle. While seen as somewhat pass? for a time, themes came back bigger and better than ever and embraced in everything from the?wedding invitations?to entertainment. Rather than a theme that merely touches the surface of the event, today's themes are more inclusive allowing couples to put a fresh spin on tradition and invite guests in to the action in everything from steam punk to classic cars. Fabulous Foods Prime rib or Chicken not your thing? That is okay; your guest will not mind either. Sumptuously familiar fun foods are the hot trend in wedding menus. Whether catered by your favorite hamburger stand, or sharing your love for the enigmatic Japadog, guests appreciate the unique twist. Wedding burger canapes Wedding Cakes, Or Not Since today's trends are all about doing it your own way, even the wedding cakes are subject to the exciting touches. Wedding and groomsman cakes highlight the skill of cake artisans, as there is a high demand for unique elements. Not everyone loves cake though, and since weddings are all about love, you can expect the non-cake dessert traditions to continue to shine. Gourmet doughnuts, spectacular dessert bars, and candy buffets, whether in addition to or replacing the traditional cake, area also new wedding?favourites. Economy Weddings Perhaps one of the economy's best gifts to us is the less is more and do-it-yourself elements we now see incorporated into today's fabulous weddings. Couples are unleashing their creative powers and not only "making do" but making their "I do" nothing short of spectacular. Forgoing expensive table floral arrangements, huge wispy bouquets of baby breath adorn budget friendly weddings and streamers the dreamy chair ornament. From clowning around in the photo booth to donning themed attire, expect to have fun at today's spectacular nuptials.   Author Bio: Daisy is an event planner who loves this time of year. From weddings to birthday parties, you can't be too creative!

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