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Fabulous Flowers: The Perfect Florist

Fabulous Flowers: The Perfect Florist

Good evening, lovely Weddzilla readers!!? I hope this past weekend was full of marking things off your list and celebrating Mother's Day! My shower was on Saturday, but I had someone take all the pictures for me, and they are not back quite yet. But I promise I will share as soon as they do come back! I also met with our florist last week and wanted to share a few tips with you. Make sure you do your research before finally deciding on your florist. My florist is amazing. Each and every time I sit down with her, she just knows how to do her job. You can tell she has done this so many times, and she thinks of things I have never thought of! For instance I want my bridesmaids to carry baby's breath, but I was a little worried about that because they are wearing silver dresses, and I didn't want the baby's breath to get lost. So, she is adding some pink waxflower to make it pop and then hand-tying it with pink ribbon! She also wanted to know what kind of baby's breath I wanted -- what, there is more than one kind?? Anyway, she contined to tell me that the baby's breath they put in as a filler with roses, for instance, would not look the greatest in a whole bouquet! So, I am getting million star baby's breath! Doesn't that sound fun and gorgeous?! Throughout the whole process, my bouquet started as peonies, then changed to pink daisies, then to baby's breath, then to what I have now. Make sure your florist is flexible. When you first meet with them, ask them if you can change flowers after your contract and deposit are signed. Mine is the most flexible person I have met. She could see that I wasn't happy with the flowers and that I kept changing my mind, so finally, we sat down and talked about the flowers I loved, and here they are. Round shape/hand tied: light pink garden roses, white hydrangea, light pink ranunculus, light pink dahlias, silver brunia, baby's breath, waxflowers, peonies, white ribbon, ribbon-wrapped stems... What do you think? Do you love your florist as much as I love mine!?
XOXO, The FairyTale Bride
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