Eco Friendly Weddings: Small Touches, Big Difference

Eco Friendly Weddings: Small Touches, Big Difference

The big things, such as transport, food, flowers, and of course, the dress, have been addressed in part one. Now it?s time to look at the small details, which can still make a big difference. Paper Wedding invitations, layers of paper and card, sent to guests and later discarded, can contribute to a lot of the waste generated by weddings, particularly if you have a large guest list. Whilst no one is asking you to send out invitation emails (although, if you don?t mind...), there are ways to send out pretty invites without the ecological implications. If you?re set on a paper invite, look for them to be made from recycled card, and add a small note to the bottom asking your guests to recycle it, rather than just bin it. If you want to give a truly special invitation, consider something your guests can really keep and use forever. You can have invitation tea towels, magnets and bookmarks printed with your wedding details, all of which are practical and not as likely to end up on a landfill! Favours The eco-awareness doesn?t stop there, either. Once your guests arrive at your wedding, it?s only right to show your appreciation by giving them a wedding favour. Just make sure it?s a responsible one. Some couples choose to donate to charity in lieu of providing actual favours, and no guest can complain about that. If you want to give them a solid keepsake, buy potted plants (which can double up as centrepieces) so they can plant them at home and have a lasting gift, or give them packets of seeds. If you?re not the green-fingered type, make your own cakes or cookies at home for your guests to enjoy. Naturally, your guests will want to give you gifts too, but what do you really need? You can always ask for donations to be made, or if you really want gifts, ask for what you need and ask guests not to use gift wrap, or make sure you recycle whatever is used. Confetti It?s also a nice idea to provide cones of flower petals for people to throw, instead of rice or confetti. Rice doesn?t break down that easily, and can cause quite the mess. It can also make walkways dangerous as it?s rather slippery to stand on. So by providing cones of biodegradable flower petals, you know you?re not harming the environment or risking any broken bones at your wedding! And those are two things any bride should want to avoid... Are you having an environmentally friendly wedding? Is the term locavore all about you? Leave a comment and let us know how you?re keeping your wedding green.   Author Bio: Zoe is a writer and blogger for and is also assistant editor of the UK site,, and loves talking about all things wedding related.

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