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DIY Guide: Flower Pomanders

DIY Guide: Flower Pomanders

Happy Memorial Day, Weddzilla readers!? It is absolutely lovely here in Pittsburgh, but Man of Honor Sam and I are locked up in the basement (aka my Craft Arsenal) working on projects for the wedding!? Don't feel too bad though, because a) we're having quite a good time and b) we'll probably make our way outside in the sun at some point! You may remember (from both this post and this post) that I've been slowly building up a large supply of ribbon flowers!? This is seriously a tedious task, and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who gets bored doing the same thing over and over again unless you have a long time to spread the project out over (which I did).? But, if you are interested in making them, I used the instructions found here! But, thanks to discovering I could easily work on these during my lunch break at work during the week, I finally made as many as I thought I would need to make six pomanders to line the aisle for our ceremony (I had made 120 flowers).? Turns out that was not enough; luckily I had a spool of wired ribbon that I was able to make four more with, but I still need to go get another thing of ribbon to make a few more to fill in the gaps.? First up, the supplies for DIY Pomanders: I had all my ribbon flowers, organized by color.? Six styrofoam balls in all; four?4 inch and two?5 inch (I was going to do all 4 inch, but they didn't have six 4 inch, haha).? My hot glue gun -- I recommend a "low heat" gun (you can get them in either low or high heat), because a high heat one will mess up the styrofoam pretty hardcore.? Then I had styrofoam spray adhesive and "dress maker" pins (which can be found in the sewing section, obviously) and a thin ribbon as well as a pretty 1 inch ribbon. Most of the time, when people are making poms, they either are using live flowers or silk flower, both of which have stems.? Ribbon flowers don't have stems!? So, instead of just relying on the adhesive for them to stick to the styrofoam ball, I put three pins through the center of each flower: Then, I had to prep the styrofoam balls.? If I were making poms with real flowers and using floral foam (which you soak in water to keep the flowers alive) I would have had to somehow run the ribbon through the center of the ball to support the ribbon it would be hanging from.? But, since mine are incredibly light, I was able to just wrap a thin ribbon around the ball that I would later tie the hanger-ribbon to.? I cut my ribbon long enough to wrap around the ball twice, then put a dab of hot glue in the middle of it and adhered it to the ball.? Then I wrapped it around once, put down some more hot glue, and twisted the ribbon so I could then go around the other direction.? Then I tied it and secured it with another dab of hot glue.? I promise with these pictures you'll get what I'm saying... Then I sprayed the whole thing in styrofoam adhesive and attached the flowers rather randomly by pushing the pins I had put in them into the ball.? A lot of times, when you're making poms with real or silk flowers, they recommend you go around in a circle in either direction and then fill it in.? Since ribbon flowers are rather fluffy, I just placed them where I wanted based off of color.? Then the final step is to attach your hanger-ribbon. Make sure you can still access the knot of the ribbon that is around the ball between your flowers.? Then take your hanging ribbon and tie it in a loop.? Then all you have to do is use the slack from the ribbon that is wrapped around the pom to tie down your hanger-ribbon and cut off any excess.? I shoved a few pins through the knots just to be safe: And then you're done!!! Can I just say I love how they turned out!?? At one point, I was getting nervous that they were going to turn out sloppy looking, but I absolutely adore them.? Like I said before, I still need to get another spool of ribbon to fill in some gaps, and I'm also considering adding a few pearls/crystals to them, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Next time, I'll be showing off the awesome shephard hook contraptions that Bryan helped me make for these to hang off of!? Until then, happy planning!
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