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Different Financial Backgrounds, Like William & Kate? How to Adjust...

Different Financial Backgrounds, Like William & Kate? How to Adjust...

The focus this week is on?Prince William and Kate Middleton as they prepare to tie the knot. I began thinking to myself (yes, it was the financial voice), they are entering this marriage with different financial backgrounds. Yes, opposites attract; however, you must know how to make adjustments for the success of the marriage when it comes to money. One of the common differences is one person is a shopper and one is a saver. That doesn't mean that the shopper is wrong, nor does it make the saver always right. The goal for each person is to identify that we have differences and determine what is important to each person. For example, I have always known that my husband was an impulse shopper, and one of his favorite things to tell me is, "It was the only one left." Shortly after we were married, I explained that even though my mindset was different when it came to money, there was a reason behind it. Another difference is looking at financial backgrounds. Let's look at William and Kate. Prince William grew up as royalty, which I imagine to include having servants, living in castles and things of this nature. But Kate's upbringing, from what I can gather, was not the same. So, how do the two merge when one has been used to having servants and being somewhat in the spotlight and the other has not been in that environment? What are some of the adjustments that need to be made on the part of both? As I was continuing to do some reading over the weekend about them, I read that they will not have servants and do their own chores. Will this be an adjustment for the prince? Did he agree to this for his bride's adjustment? She surely is adjusting to being chased by cameras and the topic of constant conversation. Three practical steps to adjusting: (1) Recognize that each have different backgrounds. Take what each of you like about your backgrounds and meet somewhere in the middle that will work for your marriage. (2) Don't criticize, but compromise. Being a shopper is not being a bad thing within balance. Same applies to the person who is a saver. Learn how to appreciate the differences within your backgrounds and celebrate it. (3) Be sure to listen to hear what?the?other?is saying and not saying. When it comes to money, each one of us has certain things that are important. Take the time to make sure whatever is important to both is incorporated into the marriage. Comment?and share what you think about financial differences and adjusting.
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