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Choosing Wonderful Wedding Hairstyles For Your Big Day

Choosing Wonderful Wedding Hairstyles For Your Big Day

Everyone knows that your wedding is THE most important occasion (looks-wise) of your life. You will cherish not only the memories from your special day forever but also the photos! Every bride wants to look and feel like a princess. Even if you never use hair extensions, I'd absolutely recommend them for special occasions, such as weddings. If you're nervous about using hair extensions, clip in extensions are the perfect choice for you. They are very easy to apply and to remove and they cause absolutely no harm to your natural hair. Always choose a reputable company which sell human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are the best kind as they look and feel exactly like your own hair, making them blend perfectly ? no one will know that you are wearing extensions, unless you tell them! Human clip in hair extensions are also much easier to style than extensions which are glued in or bonded in other ways because you can unclip them, move them around and even style them separately to your own hair. You can also keep adding more, depending on just how luscious and voluminous you want your wedding day style to be. They come at a snip of the price of bonded extensions and can be worn again and again. My Favourite Hairstyles for Brides The Ballerina Bun Ballerina Bun                   Image sourced from It takes good bone structure to pull off this look at your wedding but if you are blessed with high cheekbones, this is a gorgeous look to show off your immaculate wedding day makeup and make you look like a true princess. It can look great if your dress is very intricate as it won?t make your look too fussy. It's also a great style if you're attempting to stick to a budget for your wedding as it's really easy to create yourself, with the help of a hair doughnut, which is simply a foam bun that creates the illusion of a large and thick bun.   Braids Braided Hairstyle                   Image sourced from I absolutely love braids on brides. They look so pretty, delicate and feminine and look stunning with a Grecian style dress. If I don't decide to go for a big bouncy half-up-half-down look at my wedding, like Jennifer Stano, then I will definitely go for a braided look. With a little practice, braids can become second nature to your fingers! Waterfall braids are also gorgeous for a wedding ? a great way to keep your hair back from your face and to ensure it looks good from all angles!   Simple Waves Bridal hairstyles                   Image sourced from I also love simple waves on a bride. With a gorgeous dress, flawless makeup and perhaps a tiara and veil simple waves look great. Many women don't need intricate hairstyles to complete their look. By creating really luscious and healthy looking waves, with a little help from clip in extensions, you will look stunning. It?s essential that your hair is in great condition to pull off this look, so I?d recommend using a deep conditioning treatment and having a trim to ensure your hair looks super healthy!   Author Bio: This guest blog was written by, a UK based online retailer of clip on hair extensions. They have a huge range of high quality real hair extensions in a extensive range of styles and colours. All their hair extensions are available with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

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