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Candy-Themed Wedding Cakes Are SWEET!

Candy-Themed Wedding Cakes Are SWEET!

Have you thought about candy as a theme for your wedding cake? ?There are tons of candies out there that can be beautiful and colorful decorations for your cake. ?Check out these photos of candy-themed wedding cakes to get your creative juices going! An M&M themed cake is perfect for the chocolate lover. ?They come in all kinds of colors now, and you can even have custom colors made. ?A little mesh favor bag of the same colored M&Ms at each table would tie in the theme nicely. Does everyone remember candy dots? ?They're a fun and nostalgic look for a cake. ?They make a beautiful decoration for a cake, and you won't have to deal with eating half of the paper attached to the dots when you use only the inspiration and not the actual candy dots for your cake. Did you ever think of gumballs as a wedding cake decoration? ?This gumball cake has a fun, modern look to it, and it could be made with any color of gumballs. This cake is so colorful and whimsical. ?It's loaded with swirly lollipops, gumdrops springing off the cake and a colorful jellybean border between the tiers. ?This one was done for a birthday, but there's no reason you couldn't use the same idea for a wedding. This cake is a simple design using fondant to imitate ribbon candy. ?It could also be done in any color to match your wedding's color scheme. This cake has a really unique shape and a color scheme based on Andes Mints. ?The cake is done in an Art Deco style using Andes Mints to decorate the cake, as well as scatter on the table. Here's a close-up! And finally, this one is a chocolate lover's dream. ?The cake is covered with panels of white chocolate, and each tier is lined with individual filled chocolates. ?There's something for everyone on this cake! I hope that this has helped you to think outside the box (candy box!) a little and consider the shapes and colors of all the different candies out there when thinking about designing your wedding cake. ?This is also a great idea for those who are looking to cut costs and decorate a cake themselves. ?You can easily make some boxed cake mixes into a simple tiered cake (provided you learn the basics of internal cake support...don't just stack one on top of the other and expect a sturdy cake!) and decorate it with candies, either wrapped or unwrapped, depending upon the look you'd like. ?Be creative and have fun!
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