Bridesmaids Movie Review

Bridesmaids Movie Review

Bridesmaids is hands-down the best movie I have seen since Knocked Up. Thank you, Judd Apatow, for producing these films, and more importantly, producing a "chick flick" I know my fiance would love! I went to an advance screening of the film?Bridesmaids, in theaters this Friday, May 13th, and as a bride-to-be, I thought this was the perfect time in my life to see this film. ?Everything hit close to home; well, almost everything. When asked how the film was, my response was, "It was a little too long for my taste, but it was two hours of pure laughter!" I'd love to get into my favorite part of the film, but there may be some sensitive stomachs reading this, and I'd love to leave it a surprise for those who plan to see the film. ?I will however say this, "potty humor." Any guesses? The film follows Lillian (Maya Rudolf) and Annie's (Kristen Wiig) friendship from right before Lillian's engagement up until the wedding. ?We get the picture right away that these two are the best of friends who don't have the opportunity to spend as much time together as they used to. Once Lillian gets engaged, Annie is introduced to her BFF's new world and all the new people it encompasses at her?engagement?party. As we are introduced to each bridesmaid, each one is?instantly?stereotyped: Becca (Ellie Kemper) is the perky, goody-two-shoes newlywed, Rita (Wendy McLendon-Covey) the bitter-married-with-kids wife, Megan (Melissa McCarthy) the groom's sister who is rough around the edges, and Helen (Rose Byrne), Annie's nemesis. ?The two instantly rage war against each other over their never-ending speeches to the bride. From dress shopping to the nightmare of a bridal shower, watching these very different personalities of the bridal party co-exist made for one hell of a funny movie. Brides, you will be thinking the entire time, "I hope this doesn't happen to me, but is sure is fun to watch!" ?This film would be a great way to kick off your bachelorette?party!
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