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April Fool's Weddings: Add Some Outrageous Fun To Your Day!

April Fool's Weddings: Add Some Outrageous Fun To Your Day!

April Fool's is a prankster's dream day. It's the one day of the year when pranks can be pulled without the fear of facing an angry crowd. Your wedding day is?every little girl's big moment. It's the one day of your relationship where people are guaranteed to feel as happy for you as you feel every time you're near your sweetie. It's a big day, and you cannot imagine anything going wrong, but... These two days collide, and you find yourself being married on April 1st! For some of you, this may be a joyous occasion (you know who you are, practical jokers!), but for others, a nightmare! I'm here to tell you all to relax, and make the most of this day by adding a little fun to all the stress and seriousness. The first thing you need to do is plan a prank. Think of all the things that could possibly go wrong on your wedding day -- it will be a cake walk! Surprise?your family,?friends and guests?by playing a practical joke! It's sure to calm your nerves and have you laughing. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas. His tux doesn't fit. This one involves a bit of teamwork from the best man, but it's sure to make your sweetie sweat! One duty of a best man is the pick up, caring for, and returning of the groom's tuxedo. Your man is sure to look great in his fitted tux on the day of your wedding, but before he walks down the aisle, give him a scare! After the final fitting, pull the shop attendant aside and order an extra jacket --?you choose whether you want it to be big or small (I say small would be funnier!). Order it a few sizes skewed in your direction (for example, if your man is a size 38 long, get him a 32 or 46 short). Place that jacket with the rest of his tuxedo, and watch him panic as he gets dressed. Since you will be busy doing your own preparations, see if the BM can secretly snap a picture, or film it. The trick to this one is getting everyone to fake innocent for a while. Of course, nonchalantly mention that there's an extra jacket which happens to be just the right size BEFORE the wedding starts! Speak now or forever hold your... This one is for the guests. Reserve a seat for someone to object to your marriage, but keep it between the groom and yourself. Hire someone (or ask a casual friend) to sit in on your wedding. When it comes time to hear, "If anyone has good reason for these two not to wed, speak now or forever hold your peace," have the person stand up and object. Depending on your level of cruelty, you can make it a pregnant "ex-girlfriend" who stands up and pitches a fit while the groom declares his innocence, or a sexy "ex-boyfriend" who claims you eloped in Vegas, etc. Word to the wise -- make sure to let your officiant in on this joke! Honey, I lost the ring! I read about this once --?all the groomsmen were in on it, making it a roaring success. When it comes time to place the bride's band on her finger, turn to the best man (or ring bearer) and ask for the ring. They will stare blankly at you and say, "I don't have the ring. I thought you did!" Continue down the line until reaching the last groomsman, who swiftly pulls out a fun object (the one I read about used a Cracker Jack box, you could also do a can of peanuts with the ring BENEATH the springs so it does not fly away). Open the object up to reveal the ring and continue on with the ceremony as though nothing happened. These are just a few starter ideas to help you and your guests relax and enjoy your big day. I'd love to hear more exciting ideas from you all, so please post your practical jokes below! Did you use it already? If so, how did it turn out? Are you planning on using it? Who do you want to pull your joke on? How do you think they'll take it? Also, if you have any pictures or videos of your wedding pranks, I'd love to see them!
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