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Aisle Decor: Rose Petals

Aisle Decor: Rose Petals

While rose petals have been used to decorate the aisles of weddings for many years, a new trend has emerged?in creating designs with the rose petals, rather than just scattering rose petals down the middle of the aisle. ?Last year, I had a wedding in which the bride requested paisley patterns be made out of rose petals. Paisley Rose Petal Aisle This was an unusual design, one I had never done or seen before. I always like to advise my brides about one little pitfall with aisle decor, and that is, if you put a lot of petals down the middle of the aisle, the color from the rose petals could stain the bottom on your bridal gown.??Additionally, the bride is the LAST to walk down the the time she gets there, the aisle can look like a sloppy mess. Rose Petal Aisle Runner While this aisle looks beautiful before anyone steps on it, once it has been walked on by the wedding party, it becomes a disorganized mess! A very current trend is to put down a pattern of rose petals that ends up looking like scattered rose petals after the wedding party walks over them...organized mess, so to speak. Here is a photo of what I am seeing as a very current trend. Patterned Rose Petal Aisle In another post, I'll talk about another aisle trend...placing flower heads on the aisle instead of petals.
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