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A Touch of Green Inspiration Board

A Touch of Green Inspiration Board

If your fianc? and you would like to add a pop of color to your wedding day, and green is your go to color this is a great inspiration board to take a look at. Green has the ability to give everything a very fresh and alive feeling, while at the same time giving everything a certain tranquil vibe.? All of which are extremely good feelings to have on your wedding day, and for your guests to have. If you're looking for ways to incorporate the color green into your ceremony and reception, look no further. As you can see in the pictures, lovely green flower arrangements in simple wooden boxes or vases make excellent centerpieces for your tables. Another option is to fill different clear sized vases with limes for a citrusy cool touch. Accessorize your cheese platters and small plates with green grapes, also frozen green grapes in cocktails is super refreshing. If you are having an outside wedding in the heat of the summer, hand out customized green handheld wedding fans for your guests to keep cool. Add a splash of color to your wedding cake, by adding green accents to different layers. Let's face it, an all white cake has been done over and over again, and has gotten a bit boring. Liven up your toasts by having a signature green cocktail for your guests to sip on, think appletinis, martinis with an olive garnish, and various white wines with green hues. If your are planning on giving your guests a gift bag or wedding favor, go with something green. Your guests may just pick up on your green wedding theme, and include some green money in your wedding present. Don't forget to thank everyone for coming, and their generosity by writing them personal thank you cards on environmentally conscious green stationary. Palette: Lime, cream, chocolate, ivory, bottle green.

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