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A Rustic Wedding Inspiration Board

A Rustic Wedding Inspiration Board

Working in advertising, I sometimes feel left out of the design process, since I'm on the account side. I decided that our wedding is a chance for me to dive in. I devoted a Saturday afternoon to creating an inspiration board. This is a group of images to help me create an idea of the look and feel, and possibly colors, for our wedding. I found a bunch of images that I liked and started looking at them together. It was pretty obvious what worked and what struck an awkward chord with the other photos.

Images: Jupiter Image, thefrenchmouse (Etsy), P.D. Pratt, Bethcyrweddings (Etsy), Getty Images

The first image I started with was the flower girl with the pussy willow bouquet that I had run across randomly in an Etsy email. It was so simple and lovely, and gun metal grey is one of my favorite colors. I also liked the idea of using an out-of-the-box flower/plant. Since pussy willows are a spring flower in Vermont, I have asked my Mom to purchase a bunch this spring and dry them. I suggested hairspray to help keep the pussy willows intact.

I wanted lighting that would go a long way in creating atmosphere. What spoke to me the most are the little Christmas lights. They give me that magical/romantic vision when I see them decorating a wedding tent, and I knew they were what I wanted. This connected naturally to the mason jar image and the field of fireflies in the middle. I'm hoping that the fields will be full of fireflies once the sun sets. I've also talked to the tent company about incorporating my lighting vision. The middle left image also features a really simple country feel, with lighting being the main decoration.

The black and white bench on the middle right came from a conversation with the ceremony chair providers. I was stuck with those cheap white folding chairs due to cost, when I noticed that they also featured wooden benches on their site. They're perfect to keep that rustic feel for the ceremony and also add something subtle that the folding chairs wouldn't have. The horse and wooden fence could have come from where we're getting married. It matched perfectly, and having grown up with horses, I'm excited for the photo opps. The bottom flowers captured the wooden bench image, as well as a pop of one of the colors I'm going to use. I love how well the bluish purple compliments the green. The bride at the bottom is wearing a strapless dress with purple flowers in a country scene. I liked the laidback approach of her ensemble and hair, and thought it fit well with my vision. The rings are also from Etsy. My engagement ring is a diamond on a really simple band, and I want our rings to be simple as well, but thought it would be cool to add some texture. I've not decided yet if I want just a rough look to the metal or if I'll actually go with the tree bark look. I am hoping to get each other's names and the wedding date engraved on the inside. Being someone who has a lot of different interests and styles, it was helpful to sit down and look at all the ideas and images that attracted me, and focus on what worked well together. ?It was also fun, and when you're stuck figuring out budgets and negotiating with venders, it's good to add some fun!
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