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5 Top Tips When Choosing Live Wedding Bands

5 Top Tips When Choosing Live Wedding Bands

When organising a wedding, you quickly realise how many things you need to sort out. Everything needs careful planning, from the wedding venue and catering, to the photography and the wedding dress. Music often makes the day extra special and one of the more memorable aspects for you and your guests. The following tips point out some of the things you should consider when choosing a live wedding band. Their credentials Although you should value the opinions of friends and family, sometimes just relying on this can backfire when choosing a live band. You research should go further by checking a band?s website, their testimonials and references. In most cases, live video often indicates how they will look and sound on the day. Better still, go to one of their live gigs! However, do not totally rely on audio clips on their website as these can be edited in a studio or on a computer.   Book early and sign a contract Make sure you book the band in plenty of time, at least 6 months in advance, and sign a contract with them. You should pay a deposit in most cases, usually around 25% and you will find most bands have a cancellation fee policy so check this carefully. You should also verify that they have public liability insurance. Most policies cover up to ?1 million or even more.   Size of the venue and space to fit the band You will undoubtedly go to the venue on a few occasions to check up on things, but make sure on one of your visits you decide where you would like the band to set up. Ideally, they should perform in front of a large open space as your guests will want to dance to the music in the evening. Also, check if there are enough power sockets for them to use. Two or three should be fine for a 4-10 piece band as they should have their own extension cables and 4-way connectors.   What type of music do you want? You should think about what the guests like as well as yourself. Can the band play different styles of music from different eras? Some of the older guests may want to hear some classics from the 60s, such as music by The Beatles and Elvis Presley, where as the youngsters will want to hear some more modern tunes.??However, as long as the band can play a mixture of songs, it normally goes down well with all the guests.   How long should the band play for?? Make sure you think about this carefully. The band you choose should possess an extensive repertoire of songs, but you need to plan when you would like them to start and finish. Normally 3 x 45 minute sets is a good length as they can then provide music for at least 3 hours with breaks. You should also check if they supply music during their breaks, playing music through an iPod or another music device. Author Bio: Martyn Croston offers a variety of?wedding music ideas?for your special day. He plays as a solo?wedding pianist, in a violin/piano duo and with a professional wedding band.

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