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5 Simple Steps To Planning A Hen Night

5 Simple Steps To Planning A Hen Night

1- Consider a location which can cater for different activities. If you have a large group with varying ages find somewhere with a wide range of differing activities and events. City locations offer night life, daytime activities, shopping and hotels. Also consider holiday resorts, glamping or remote cottages. These facilities often offer local sports activities, spa and relaxation facilities, whilst offering a unique hen weekend. Fab! 2 ?The number of people attending the hen party will fluctuate as your plans grow. The best way to encourage people to confirm their attendance is by collecting a deposit. Set a date for the hen party well in advance then ask for a deposit well before it is due. Repeat this with the final balance. So you have all the money collected ahead of time as well as confirmed numbers for restaurant and activity bookings. 3 ? Have you thought about offering budgetary options? If some people want to attend but struggle with ?the cost why not offer two options. Offer the option of joining the daytime activities without accommodation, or offer a two night option and a one night option. Who said you can't please everyone? 4 ?Themes are a great way to get everyone involved in the evening. If pink tutus and feather boas are not your cup of tea but your bride wants a theme what about some of these: Moulin Rouge, Cheerleaders, Flappers/Charleston, School girls, Glee, colour theme, blinging, where?s wally, cavewomen, all wearing a mask, vampires/twilight, Hollywood glamour, filmstars. Think of what suits your group and the hen?s passions. If you encourage a theme which reflects the bride and what she loves to watch or do more, people are likely to get involved and embrace the dress up idea. 5 ? You have the accommodation, food & bars sorted, what about the lull in the middle of the day? It is easy to forget this time on hen weekends, but if left unprepared, this part of the day can be an anti climax. This can be a great time for the party to get to know each other ahead of the evening. Plan in some time to do an activity or visit somewhere together and some free time. Activities can often be arranged through your hotel or events companies and can include anything from, spa days, dance lessons, cocktail making, craft lessons, city tours, theatre trips, photography and make overs. Most importantly when planning a hen weekend, it is about having fun and celebrating the brides big day, include as many elements which will make her day and things she will love to do with the people that mean the most to her. No matter how lavish or simple the plans are if they are well thought through and prepared, they will be successful.   Author Bio:?Becky Campey is the director of Blush, a business built on her passion for empowerment through dance & fitness. Blush cater for a fabulous range of fun and unqiue dance themes from Cheerleading to pole dancing, Burlesque to Glee.

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