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5 Personal Touches to Make Your Wedding Shine

5 Personal Touches to Make Your Wedding Shine

Your wedding is a celebration of your love ? it's all about cherishing your relationship, and it's all about you. While some bridezillas may take that idea a little too far (say, by demanding their bridal party spend 10 hours crafting glittery monogrammed centerpieces), there are ways to make your wedding ?personal? without making it a nightmare for everyone else involved. Want to add some personal touches to your big day without losing a single friend in the bargain? Try one of these five unique ideas.   5. Inspiring Invites. Paper invitations? You can do better than that. Try surprising your guests with a video invite instead. That's what Jeff and Erin Wong did in 2010 when they created an epic wedding trailer for their save-the-date announcement. Do the same and your invite will definitely stand out from the crowd. Be the stars of the show by sharing details about what makes your relationship unique. You can even poke fun at yourselves, like Jeff and Erin did when they talked about their substantial height difference. Remember not to take yourselves too seriously, though. The funnier the invite, the better!   4. Theming with Feeling. Done right, a theme can make your wedding memorable and unique. Done wrong, it can transform your special day into a plaid-and-rhinestone nightmare. Make sure your theme is a success by choosing something that has a personal meaning. Amber M. Moltimore of Liz & Lex Events says, ?When choosing your theme, take inventory of your common interests. Both bookworms? Consider a vintage book theme, or host your wedding at a local library. Seasoned travelers? 'Cruise' into your marriage by booking your local cultural center, and complete the look with gorgeous destination photographs at each table." Be subtle, because what looks grand to you might look garish to everyone else.   3. A Personal Program. Your wedding should be about you, but if you think about it, a large part of what makes you ?you? is your friends and family. So when you're thinking of personal touches to add to your celebration, don't leave your loved ones out of the picture. For example, try adding some personality to your program by adding short phrases that explain how you know each member of your wedding party. Not only will it make your party feel appreciated, it'll also give your guests something to chat about before the ceremony begins.   2. A Unique Cocktail. Maybe you and your partner go together like peaches and cream. Maybe your pairing is more like chocolate and bacon ? no one expected it to work, but it's surprisingly awesome. Celebrate your unique flavor by creating a signature cocktail for your guests. You can create separate drinks for each of you, a single drink that represents your relationship, or all three. Choose flavors that represent you, and create a small sign to hang near the bar that explains your cocktails to guests. It's a fun way to add a personal touch without forcing your bridal party to lift a finger ? just a glass.   1. Love in a Bottle. If you're considering monogrammed matchbooks for your wedding favors, take a moment and head over to the ?junk drawer? in your kitchen. Do you really want your favors to be tossed in with the chip clips and rubber bands? Give your guests some favors they'll actually be excited to take home ? wine bottles with personalized labels. You can use easy online sites like Bottle Your Brand to decorate the bottles with an engagement photo or a simple design with your names and the date. Family not big drinkers? No problem. This idea works great with water bottle labels too. Though reality TV seems to tell you otherwise, your wedding doesn't need to be a million-dollar spectacle just to be special. So forget the herd of dancing elephants, and lose the number to Kate Middleton's florist. All you need to make your day memorable is a few personal touches. Try one of these ideas to create a day that's as unique as your relationship. If you do, no one will mistake you for a crazed bridezilla, but you'll score major originality points all the same. Author Bio: Alayna?Frankenberry?lives in Pittsburgh with her black cat Betty and a growing collection of bridesmaid's dresses. You can learn more about her by visiting?

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