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4 Ways to Avoid Tan Lines at Your Wedding

4 Ways to Avoid Tan Lines at Your Wedding

The sun can be a bride's best friend. ?It nice tan can make you glow, give you much-needed vitamin D to put you in a good mood, and of course, it's a must on your wedding day. ?But it can also cause some problems, especially if you get tan lines. ?Your dress can lose its glory if your guests are distracted by unsightly lines on your skin that show you've been spending more time sunbathing than preparing for your big day. ?The same is true for your bridesmaids. ?Don't let all the work you put into your wedding be ruined by a lifetime of staring at photos with your maid of honour's white straps constantly drawing your eye.

Have a Tan Plan
Know when, where, and how you will be tanning. ?Schedule sessions in the sun or at the tanning salon weeks in advance. ?Don't do any tanning the week before the wedding. ?Instead, lay a good tan foundation at least 30 days prior and do regular?maintenance. ?Also work with your make-up artist to ensure that he/she can match your tan well and your other make-up complements it. ?If you're doing it yourself, make sure you have the right foundation - not just the one you use on a daily basis.
Keep Your Neckline in Mind
The worst is when you see a celebrity wearing a sweetheart neckline but they're tan is straight across. ?That little triangle between your boobs could totally throw off the whole look. ?Be conscience of the areas that will show, whether you're wearing a strapless, halter, or cap sleeve gown.

Take No Chances
It can be tempting to take a quick get-away with friends right before the wedding or to just hang outside for a few hours. ?This could cause disaster. ?As seemingly simple as it sounds, any amount of time spent outside wearing the wrong thing for a few hours in that least week before your wedding could cause a total frenzy. ?Don't take chances with your tan. ?Spend as little time outside as possible the week before your wedding and make sure you are wearing long sleeves and high collar if you do.
Communicate?with Your Girls

Tan lines on your bridesmaids can cause just as much trouble as if you have them yourself. ?Talk to your girls about their plans for tanning and make sure they aren't doing?anything?risky the week before either.
By following these simple tips for tanning, you can be sure to glow on your wedding day.

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