Bridal Party

10 days to go and my first bridezilla moment.

10 days to go and my first bridezilla moment.

With 10 days to go, I am really neglecting my blog posts!
Toady the Mr. and I got our marriage license and on Tuesday I am taking him to purchase a new suit. Yes, I am taking him because no man should be allowed to buy a suit alone...well at least not MY man lol!

I had my first real Bridezilla moment today. I took my daughter to pick up her graduation dance dress along with her ceremony dress for our wedding from the seamstress.
Before she should even try her grad dress on, I flipped out. There was 2 huge black lines down the back of her dress. I lost it. I said "What is THIS?!!"

She replied "Well, you didnt want dry cleaning, just alterations" I then replied
"I didn't need it to be cleaned! This was a brand new dress with the tags still attached. You did her measurements and those lines were NOT there before..AND you ripped the tags OFF!!"
Oh, Ill call my manager and see.
In the meantime, my Daughter tries on the dress. My daughter is a size double zero. She couldnt zip the darn dress UP!! The lady starts to tell me some crap about her bra. Yeah, thats not making a difference! The zipper wouldn't even go up by her tail bone, don't think the bra is down there is is? It was sized to fit a Barbie doll.
She then tries on the black dress that she is wearing in TEN days. It fits, but barely. Then as I am looking, there are holes down the seam of the zipper where it looks like all the stitching is coming undone. I lost it again.
The lady tried to tell me the dress was like that. Again I YELL
"No it wasnt, this dress was NEW with tags as well and again you guys RIPPED the damn tags off!!"
Oh, we will fix it. Can you get it Saturday?
HOLY **$@!!!!!!!!!!
My daughter will be lucky she will even fit in this dress come September for the reception. I am at a total LOSS right now.
Part of me wants to walk away and never pick the darn things up because I am SURELY not paying $65.00 for 2 dresses that cost me a total of $25.00 to purchase. I don't know what to do. I will wait a few days and on Saturday I may go postal at this place.

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